New PA Grads Workshop:

Salary Negotiations and Elements of a Contract


Congratulations on becoming a Physician Assistant!

You should be very proud of your accomplishment.

As you prepare for your new career, you may be confused by the salary and terms of the contract you’re expected to sign.

Do you know what contract terms to look out for or avoid?

Are you curious to know how much value you can provide your practice as a new PA and how to negotiate your salary and contract terms?  Are you confused about how/when to settle to gain clinical experience vs hold out for the perfect job? 

Negotiating can be an intimidating process and causes some PAs a lot of anxiety. Gaining clarity on your career plan and strategy can lead to $10,000s + of salary potential over the lifetime of a PAs career.

Certified Physician Assistant Consulting is here to help!


Introducing our New Grad On Demand Workshop!

With exclusive private career coaching bundles learn how to:


Establish Short and Long Term Career Goals for YOU

Understand Licensing Requirements & CME

Understand Malpractice and Tail Coverage

Understand Where to Look for Jobs and New Grad  Interview Strategies

Understand Different Salary Structures and Wide Salary Ranges

Understand How to Negotiate Salary as a New Grad

Understand Common Contract Pitfalls like Restrictive Non-compete Clauses, Sign on Bonuses that are Actually Loans that have to be Paid Back, and other Common Contract Pitfalls

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Salary Negotiations & Elements of a Contract

1.5 Hour Workshop

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  • Salary Negotiations & Elements of a Contract Workshop
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  • Salary Negotiations & Elements of a Contract Workshop
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  • Salary Negotiations & Elements of a Contract Workshop
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  • Private Salary Consult Session Bundle with Contract Review Bundle *up to 15-page contract

“CPAC is a wonderful resource for a new grad. Thank you for the helpful information!”

Hillary, PA-C

“I would definitely recommend CPAC if you are going through a challenging negotiation. They are a great service to our PA profession.”

Susan, PA-C

“I recommend CPAC to any medical provider looking to further their career.”

Laura, PA-C

If you recently graduated from PA school, this course is a must!

Invest in yourself and your future, or give the gift of clarity and confidence to a new grad PA colleague or friend!

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A Note From the Instructor...

It is my personal mission to help my fellow medical professionals achieve their goals and elevate their lives to a whole new level.

I have so much gratitude for my initial career as a Dermatology P.A. and for those who helped shape who I am today. Early mentors in my life helped me learn powerful skills like leadership, team building, communication, and of course a commitment to continuing education and lifelong learning.  I am grateful for the opportunities I have had, such as managing a very successful medical practice in one of the world’s most competitive locations; negotiating one of the highest PA salaries in the industry; starting and operating multiple businesses; learning from and being mentored by world-renowned professional development leaders, and helping my colleagues through teaching at national conferences and state organizations. 

Today, because I took scary leaps of faith, I live my life on my own terms, not on the expectations of others. I have learned how to overcome frustration, anger, and fear in almost any circumstance. I know how to spend my time and energy, in the most efficient way possible, to deliver myself the results I want for my own life. I know how to wake up every morning grateful for the life I created…nobody to blame or thank but myself for where I am today…me. And I intend to spend the rest of my life helping other people live life on their terms too.